Tenses (English Grammar)

1. I’m very happy: my favourite singer … to my town next October for a big concert.

A. has come

B. is going to come

C. doesn't come

D. isn't going to come

Answer :B

Solution :

2. Speak up! I can’t hear you because your dog … too much noise.

A. makes

B. made

C. is making

D. has made

Answer :C

Solution :

3. She … the piano very well.

A. playing

B. plays

C. will play

D. play

Answer :B

Solution :

4. I … to the cinema tonight: I’ve got a lot of work to finish.

A. 'm not going

B. went

C. 'm going

D. will go

Answer :A

Solution :

5. She’s shocked because she … a terrible accident.

A. sees

B. saw

C. has seen

D. is going to see

Answer :C

Solution :

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