41. Which Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam boasts of the golden langur–

A. Pani Dihing

B. Pobitora

C. Laokhowa

D. Chakrashila

Answer :D

Solution :

42. The first Peasant Uprising against the British was known as–

A. Phulaguri Dhawa

B. Patharughat Raijmel

C. Battle of Itakhuli

D. None of the above

Answer :A

Solution :

43. The area of Kaziranga National Park is approximately–

A. 430 sq. km

B. 500 sq. km

C. 390 sq. km

D. 720 sq. km

Answer :A

Solution :

44. About 91% of world population of a particular animal species found in Kaziranga National Park is which one of the following–

A. Asian hog deer

B. Pygmy hog

C. Asiatic wild buffalo

D. Sangai deer

Answer :B

Solution :

45. Of the total production of Muga, the Golden Silk, in the world, Assam produces–

A. 69%

B. 79%

C. 89%

D. 99%

Answer :D

Solution :

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